Diane and Rhea

Dear Marla,

My best friend and I have decided to s start a coffee business in Tacoma, Washington. It will be a small cafe where we’ll serve coffee drinks and pastries.

The space we’re considering also has enough space for us to do some roasting operations if we choose to. Or, maybe even a community space as we overlook the water and its beautiful. I’m a real people person and beyond serving the best coffee and supporting our coffee farmers equitably, our goal is to be a real staple for the community.

My name is Rhea and my business partner’s name is Diane. The problem we’re having is the name for the shop. I’m putting in about 70% of the funding to get us off the ground and I think my name should come first as in “Rhea’s and Diane’s Cup o’Brown”.

Then, early this morning I found out Diane was just diagnosed with Crohn”s disease. I know it’s not exactly deadly, but it can be difficult if not messy. Now I’m feeling bad about putting my name first.

What should I do?


Rhea Beenis

Dear Rhea,

I totally get where you’re coming from and I’m sure we could brainstorm a name for your new business that could be really fun that both of you would love, but let’s work with what you’ve provided.

I think this is simple given the latest health news, I think you should put your friend first. You will always feel good about this. If your friend does die before you, this will be a nice tribute to her as well. You should name the shop Diane and Rhea’s Cup O’Brown.

When I get to Tacoma, I can’t wait to try it and I’m sure the whole town will be buzzing with how much they love Diane and Rhea!

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