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Dear Marla,

I live in Bellvue Washington, and I want to get a new 2024 Subaru Crosstrek Limited, but i cant get it with a heated steering wheel in the USA. The same car, made in the same Indiana factory is sold in Canada literally a couple hundred miles away has the heated wheel. I want to just order the part from a Canadian dealership and then transplant the new steering wheel. The wheel costs $1300 US dollars. Should I do it?


Hot Wheels

Dear Hot Wheels,

That sounds like a pretty good plan and I did look at the Canadian website and I can see the Heated steering wheel is controlled by a switch but otherwise identical. It is not part of either displays. The price is steep and certainly there are questions. I would inquire on the Subaru XV forum to see if anyone has done this Canadian to USA Crosstrek mod. I bet some one has.You don’t want to kill your warranty.

UPDATE: I would order this from Subaru of America from your dealer. You can find he parts you need from this site:


You might be better off waiting for the 2025 Forrester as it will have a heated steering wheel on one of the trim levels ( likely Touring). I bet the steering wheels will be identical. My last thought is ditch the Subaru and get a Tesla Model Y Long Range . 5 heated seats and a heated steering wheel.Fully electric ,you’ll save money on gas and you’ll probably never have to replace brake pads due to the regen.

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