How I Became A Cat Psychologist

Hi Dr, Kittens here. I get a lot of emails asking how I became a cat psychologist, and of course, what does that mean?

Are you a psychologist that specializes in cats or are you a cat and a psychologist? The answer is both, but my work is mostly for humans. The next question is how did you become a psychologist? It’s simple, when I was a kitten , and while my humans last name was Kittens, thus my name Marla Kittens, I mean when I was a juvenile cat I was given a Signund Freud cat toy. I loved my Freud cat toy. When it became time for a major in college, I sort of naturally went to psychology.

Given this worked out the way it did, I developed a theory. What if I exposed other kittens, not my relatives, to other toys associated with other professions. How cool wold it be to have a cat airline pilot? Or a Cat neuro – surgeon. I tried it.

After this sort of worked I launched ( pun intended) The Marla Kitten Institute (MKI) (put Logo here).

We’ve trained several lesser known astronauts for NASA. Remember Captain Sarah “Whiskers” Reynolds, probably not, but she was a cat that initially trained on the toy Shuttle toy above. She was a cat. This saved the USA millions of dollars. Remember a cat goes from kitten to adult in 1 year and overall cat expenses are so much lower than a human.

The take home from this i is if you’re a parent, you can influence your child’s interests by exposing them to those interests.If you want your kid to become a cardio-thoracic surgeon expose your kid to lots of cardio thoracic experiences. If you’re kid’s a cat, get your them a chicken heart to play with and they’ll likely eat it . that’s a two for one. You’re welcome.

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