Twice the brain power packed into one double headed Furilla, This guy features naturally curly hair, but be advised, they have decidedly different  opinions on most things.  Despite the banter, like Lincoln said, this can lead to that much better problem solving. 12″ tall and … Read more




One of FURILLA’s best friend’s is a calico cat named Mem. Mem had an altercation with a Pit Bull named Daisy, and it did not go well.  Mem survived, but lost a leg as a result. In honor of Mem, we made this super practical  … Read more

Somebody needs to learn how to groom.  Seriously though,  this shaggy friend  hails from a lineage  on the coast of Norway where they worked and surfed the icy swells. This  bleached umber brown Furilla stands 12″ tall is fully pose-able and built for adventure.

Who doesn’t love redheads? That’s right, there’s no one. Everyone loves the ginger on fire personality of the Red Furilla.    That said, this Furilla is much more than a fire brand.  Because of their red coat, blood stains are not a problem and this Furilla … Read more

A smart and delicious choice, the ALLIRUF steak is high in protein and has almost zero fat (despite the large rim of fat depicted in the  product). You’ll probably feel good about yourself for having one, .though; if you knew the whole story, you’d feel … Read more




Super high quality, silk screened,  100% vinyl Furilla sticker. Perfect to stick on police cars and coffee house doors.  Send us a pic if you do either. Furilla is not responsible for any negative consequences as a result of placement.

The Black Furilla is the first Furilla and he provided the DNA for all other variants grown in the lab. 12″ tall,  monocular, pose-able and ready for anything.

This Azure Blue Furilla has a luxurious blue coat many have wanted  just for this reason.   All this attention could have spoiled this Furilla to never need to develop intellectually or emotionally, but by growing up  in a competitive and Arctic environment  where looks and … Read more

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