Where did Furilla come from? Where has Furilla been? For sure, if you want  the birth  story, you’ll need to buy the book available on this site  if not now, shortly, but here’s how the company started.

Furilla.com was founded by Pilar Furarro and Ernesto Galvez  and is a division of Furarro Industries (see pic below).  Furilla.com was started  as a means to compensate the Galvez family  of Puebla, Mexico.  The Furillas sold on this site represent a scaled version of the first Furilla.

 Fig.1 Furarro Industries main industrial campus, Puebla ,Mexico

The entire story will be revealed in a tell all book we hope to have available on this site in the coming months.

Meanwhile, thanks for visiting Furilla.com. We, of course, encourage you to get a Furilla  and if you do please, send us a pic of yourself and your Furilla friend. We will post it in the Furilla Creativity Center found on this site.

Fig. 2 Furilla division in Portland, Oregon USA

Furillas are smart, loyal, extremely friendly,  and almost super human in their flexibility and  overall physical prowess.

A Furilla really is a friend furever.

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