Three Timer in Tiburon, CA

I anm a 27 yr old male, and i have a great girlfriend/ fiancee , but I was just at my boss’s house for a party and I think I may have just fallen in love wih her 24 yr old daughter. The problem is the boss and I have hooked up a few times, and while not the most prodfessional, it has helped my career. I think if I were to go for her daughter, my job would be over not to mention my fiancee will probably kill me. What should I do?
Three Timer in Tiburon, CA

Dear Three Timer,
It’s reaffirming that you like 50yr. old pussy and that I’m a cat. I think you need to level up with your fiancee that the marraige thing is not happening. Next, is there a possibility that your boss can do a BringYour Daughter to Work Day for your next rendezvous? Or, can you date the daughter and the Mom but keep it on the down low? If you get caught, you can use the split persinality defense,. To get ready for it, make sure to have the daughter call you the Y ending name, like if you’re Mike, have the daughter call you “Mikey”

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