Pillow Fright

Hi Marla,

I traded a work shift with my colleague a few weeks ago.The facility I work in had a gas leak. That caused an explosion in the area (pillow fill area) I work in, and my colleague was severely burned. Her face almost litteraly melted off and to make matters worse, the down filling (goose feathers) stuck to all her wounds She actually looked better covered in feathers It was incredibly painful for her to have each feather pulled from her injuries. I know this would have happened to me had I been there. I feel terrible.

This was bad enough, but it gets worse. I was having an affair with this colleague’s husband. He is one of the facilities engineers that helps run the plant.

What should I do?


Scarred and Feathered

Dear Scarred and Feathered,

No question, this is a tragedy and a bigger one should your colleague recover. Is the husband Mike Flynn of Provo’s PuffTtown Manufacturing? Is his wife Emma Flynn , that used to work for Hormel? I love Linked – In.

First I would visit her and be as encouraging as possible. I would keep the whole affair thing a secret for now, especially if she survives. Do not show off a ring to her that Mike gave you. I would also ask Mike if he knows what happened. Hopefully, sort of, if you find out that Mike engineered the explosion on purpose then at least you know he really loves you, or was just tired of his wife. I m going to hope it’s the former as dating a murderer is not so great.

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